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Welcome to Sonic Soul Academy, where young people come to new understandings of themselves and the world around them through creative expression!

Highly interactive hour-long workshop, day program or drop-in space at events for children and teenagers. These immersive experiences incorporate beat-boxing; vocal looping; rapping; rhyme writing; basic music theory; song composition; stage presence; stage management; entrepreneurship; life skills; and easy to understand philosophies and techniques to foment confidence and collaboration in young people for day to day life, performer or not. Each workshop is adjusted appropriately to suit age and skill level. 

Very versatile and engaging for kids parties, youth initiatives, schools, out-of-school-care and holiday program providers either indoors or outdoors in the 'Om Dome'.


Ben Weirheim (AKA BenJi B. Jammin') holds a Bachelor Degree in Theatre and Screen Production; is a qualified disability and youth worker with experience working with at-risk teenagers and children of challenging behaviours and diverse backgrounds. Ben lived and worked as a Youth Worker at a regional Aboriginal community in Northern Territory (Australia) and facilitated numerous workshops for the Aboriginal not-for-profit organisation Noongar Wellbeing and Sports; most recently was tour manager for well known children's entertainment group Hi-5 (Australia) and will be facilitating a string of immersions after partnering with national school holiday program provider Team Kids (Melbourne).

Ben advocates holistic meditative practices such as yoga and believes that our 'inner child' is an important aspect of our lives. Ben combines his diverse experience - and having facilitated these workshops since early 2016 - effectively fosters positive rapport and engagement with young people.


First and foremost, they are fun yet educational. The ‘soul sonic apprentice’ is guided through each carefully devised module with tips and techniques on how to express themselves and live healthy, happy and productive lives. Each module is a cluster of the most closely related content separated by a 10 minute break involving a fun theatre sports game to aid focus and productivity. For the final product, the apprentices write and sing, rap or speak their original lyrics over the percussion and sound effects of their pre-recorded voices. To do this, participants are shown how to use an audio loop machine, microphones and basic sound recording software to generate the desired empowerment that comes from feeling proficient and professional, all in a supportive and fun atmosphere. 

The day completes after BenJi B. has collaborated with the group to plan out and run the showcase graduation ceremony performed by the Soul Sonic Graduates as they recite their individual or group song in front of their friends/family or the group, which is recorded on video to take home. 


  • Free expression
  • Individuality
  • Non-judgement
  • Inclusivity
  • Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • High self-esteem and confidence advocacy
  • Fun


option for outdoor 'OM DOME'

Where the magic happens!



Vibrant and welcoming for any outdoor event or Soul Sonic Academy day program.



“Ben was fantastic and engaged so well with the girls. They had so much fun in the beatboxing and rapping workshop.” 

Sara Riches,

Health Promotions Officer. 

Young Aboriginal Girls Program 

Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports 




"Ben's workshops were a great casual drop in space for the kids at our annual Youth Week event. The laid back, yet structured and fun vibe that Ben provided the participants was greatly successful in attracting the young people to participate". 

Shannan Taylor. 

Community Officer. 

Shire of Irwin



"We had Ben come to our program 'Good Spirit Learning' in Kwinana. The youth absolutely loved it, especially the funny voices. His messages of empowerment and support were the highlight for me. That's exactly what the younger generation needs to hear these days. One little message can change someones life in so many ways. I would definitely ask Benny to come back again for his Beatboxing and Rapping workshops".

Jarred Franey

Community Development Officer

Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sports. 



“We were lucky enough to have Ben involved in our inaugural ‘Street Chillz’ Youth Fest for his Beatboxing, Vocal Looping and Rapping workshops. Participants in the highly interactive workshops appreciated Ben’s enthusiasm and encouragement, allowing local youth to explore their creativity in a relaxed and chilled environment. Ben was an untimate professional and great to deal with throughout the event, I highly recommend. Thankyou Ben, you were fantastic!"

Mitchell Green,
Community Development Officer
Shire of Murray.


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